X-Plane 10 Error Message: Read Only File

I  fired up X-Plane 10 after a few week break and updating to beta 8.  Now, I get a series of error messages about files being marked as read only in windows. It seems that X-Plane 10 thinks the “scenery_packs.ini” and “X-Plane Pilot.txt” files are read only.  see screenshots:

The interesting thing here is that both of these are NOT marked as READ ONLY.  In fact, I can see the entries from my last flight in each file.   The problem  is that when the X-Plane Pilot.txt error message comes up, there is no way to get rid of  the message, I have to kill X-Plane.exe in Task Manager.

A friend  of  mine suggested that there is a bug in  the rendering settings that causes this and resetting to the default  fixes it  temporarily, but I can’t find where to reset X-Plane.

I am curious if anyone else has had this problem and what you did to fix it.  My copy of X-Plane 10 is dead until I find a solution.


SOLUTION:  I finally found the solution.  The errors are due to Windows 7 changing permission of X-Plane 10 files as I had my X-Plane 10 folder installed in Program Files.  The solution is move the X-Plane 10 folder to a “non-system” owned directoy, such as your Desktop.  Visit this forum post at  the org for  details.   I copied the folder to the desktop and it is working okay now!


2 thoughts on “X-Plane 10 Error Message: Read Only File

  1. Thank you for posting this! Was banging my head against the wall all night, wondering why X-Plane 10 wouldn’t start. It’s all fixed now! 🙂

  2. All well and good but my Xplane folder has always been on the desktop and since upgrading to 10.25 i have this problem as well… ive alread re-installed windows, xplane, everything trying to fix this but nooo… nothing. wont boot up with any plugins, hell wont even boot. never had this problem with 10.22. why the hell did i update it?

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