Prepar3D Updates to Version 1.4

Prepar3D is Microsoft’s FSX under a new owner, Lockheed Martin.  Continuing on with the flight simulation tradition, Lockheed Martin has put its own twist on this new version of FSX.  While it is missing some of the more mainstream aircraft like the Boeing 737, just the fact that Lockheed Martin is continuing development of the platform is a huge win for the flight sim community.

Mooney’s Acclaim joins Prepar3D thanks to Lionheart Creations

This latest release shows their continued development, improvements include:

  • fixes for stutters or performance issues
  • Dialogs now remember their previous position
  • Various UI enhancements including the removal of the “apply” button
  • Added two new aircraft: Mooney Acclaim by Lionheart Creations, and the T-6 Texan II by IRIS
  • Fort Rucker area scenery expansion
  • Dozens of legacy scenery and database issues

Upgrading from a previous version (like 1.3) requires the user to download nearly 10G of data, conduct a full uninstall and then reinstall the program.  With this being 2012, such an upgrade procedure is cumbersome, but then Lockheed Martin is new to the consumer flight simulator market.  There is saying, “good things come to those who wait”, so patience is the key.

Beechcraft T-6 Texan II by IRIS in Prepar3d v1.4

I took both the Mooney and the Texan out for a spin around the Fort Rucker area to check out the new scenery.   I have to compliment Lockheed Martin on these additions.  The Mooney feels true to its brand, fast, sleek and forgiving.  While I am not a huge fan Texan II in the real world, I did enjoy flying this model.  It has gobs or power and is super fun to toss around.   I even managed to crash on landing as I came in a bit too fast and lost control.  Way cool!

The Hanchey Army Heliport (KHEY) is a cool addition to Prepar3D

Flying around Fort Rucker, I learned to appreciate the subtleties of the scenery.  I landed at the Hanchey Auxiliary on the north end of the base and was surprised to see a tank hiding in the trees and a well placed Humvee next to the control tower.   I felt like I landed at the real base and was about to get annihilated by a tank.  There are three other areas to check out, the  Hanchey Army Heliport, Knox Army Heliport, and the Cairns Army Field. All of which are nicely done with a great level of detail.

I really like the direction Lockheed Martin is going with Prepar3D.  By leveraging the flight sim community for “default” add-ons and adding some scenery, the future of Prepar3D is bright.   I can’t wait to see what future releases bring.  In the meantime, its time to start porting over my favorite MSFS aircraft!


One thought on “Prepar3D Updates to Version 1.4

  1. You clearly know nothing about aviation or sims because your post was clueless. Let me fill in the gaps for you. It is not a simulator despite what they say on the website. Thanks to developers like me finding all the pitfalls of the “sim” they have now basically turned it into a graphics engine and it is not even good at that. The developers of combat sims have far outdone LM when it comes to flight dynamics and graphics and performance etc etc etc. LM bought a really broken product from MS and had no idea what they were really purchasing. As for V1.4 well that is just wishful thinking. 1.4 is really 1.1 and should still be considered a BETA product because it is still riddled with bugs. Whole features have been removed because of the bugs for example submarines. This is no longer a simulated “group” because so many bugs and pitfalls were discovered when people like myself started taking on serious jobs involving P3D. To make matters worse the service provided to developers is woeful. All of the big sim companies have made their products update themselves. With P3D you have to uninstall the entire program and reinstall the new version after downloading many gigs of the same rubbish. You just need to look at helicopters and ground vehicles in P3D to see how really flawed it is. I do not see how this is a win for the sim community when these fools are still running DirectX9 with very old shaders. I never thought I would utter the words but you are better off using xplane than p3d. You should really do some research before establishing yourself as some kind of authority on simulation.

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