What about A Reality of My Own? Its about sharing ideas about life while thinking outside my box. Its about evaluating our position and seeing it through our own eyes. Through this visualization, one can better understand and better succeed in our world across many topics. This isn’t just about love, money, jobs, religion, but about the life as a whole. This is my reality of the world as I learn and see it through my eyes.

A note about me. I am a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara where I earned my degree in Anthropology. I have traveled extensively throughout Latin-America and studied the Maya civilization for two years in the field. I assisted in building a predictive model for ancient Maya settlement. Today, I am thirty years old and I work as an analyst for a major software as a service company. I enjoy cooking, flight simming, hiking and reading.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I was thrilled to see a photo of 3EyedBear on your website. The bear made it to about the other side of the world! I really would like to place it on the 3eyedbear-gallery, but even better: could I ask you to photograph the bear somewhere outside? I’m documenting sightings of the bears and it would be great if photo-evidence would place him in hot California! I am not a anthropologist, but with the bear I would like to prove that a 3-dimensional object cán be easily build by anyone all around the world. I believe it has no technical limitations or cultural boundaries, but I need ‘proof’ to back that idea up.

    I would be greatly thankful and will attach a link to ‘arealityofmyown’ if you want.

    Maarten Janssens

  2. Thank you for your comment!

    I have not seen any of these designs in person. The vertical farm in Seattle is conceptual and would have to make it through the city’s approval process. One day, they will be reality. Hopefully sooner than later.

  3. Well, I’m certainly impressed, to say the least. My first experience with a paint kit was a success! I downloaded your 767-200ER and transformed it into a fictional airliner. It featured the colors and logos of the University of Notre Dame, of course, with the leprechaun on the tail. I hope to do more textures using SkySpirit’s kits. I have a TWA Boeing 757-2Q8 (N707TW) I’m trying to finish. Although, it’s flyable, I’m not satisfied with this Posky version. Maybe, SkySpirit can redo this one to their expertise.

  4. Question about the L188 by Team FS KBT.
    Do you know how to get the airstairs to deploy? Only the Door operates, but stairs remain stubbornly in place in the cabin.

  5. I love the tu-154m that you did but i have a question to ask that is would you please do a repaint of 70’s and 80’s balkan please

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