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Project Airbus recently changed web addresses.  For awhile they were located at, but this recently expired.  The new address for Project Airbus is


I am in the process of updating links from the various Project Airbus posts from over the years.  I have a lot to say about these guys, so it is going to take a while to update the links.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

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An A380 Moment…

There are moments that just make you stop and appreciate flight simulator.

This evening I fired up Prepar3D, loaded up the Project Airbus A380 wearing Singapore colors and headed  across the pond for EGLL.    Just something about the colors, the reflection  on the fuselage, and the clouds just made this moment special.  And yes, the Project Airbus A380 does work  in  Prepar3D.


Project Airbus Finds the Middle with An A330

Project Airbus shook the virtual skies with their A320 family of models for flight simulator.  They shook the skies a bit more (luckily no birds fell from the sky) when they released the flying whale, the A380.   Each release represented a new standard of detail and new drool on the keyboard.

< check out the new project tease thread here >

With the little guy (A318) and the whale (A380) awaiting download, the middle is left wide open.  But the Project Airbus team is looking to fill the spot with a new A330 model that is rumored to be in the works.  Head over to their forums and check out some of the screenshots they are teasing us virtual pilots with.

Project Airbus Keeps Them Coming: A320 v2.1

We really ooohhh’d and aaawww’d when Project Airbus released the A320 v2 for FS2004.  Then we ooohhh’d and aaawww’d a bunch more when they released the A321 with new features not found on their legendary A320.  At this point, the A320 was antiquated and there really wasn’t much reason to continue ooohhh’ing and aaawww’ing about it.

Ooohhh, aawwww: The A320 v2.1

Well, we can now ooohhh and aaawww again when we fly the Project Airbus A320 v2.1.  The latest update combines the legendary A320 with the awesome new features of the A321, including:

  1. Wing flex
  2. Improved A321 engine nacelles
  3. Modeled wiper blades
  4. Additional antenna
  5. Reshaped APU
  6. Revised cargo door animation

The official release and documentation is in this Project Airbus forum post.  Downloads are available at the PA download section or via Avsim. Note, you must download the base pack AND a livery pack for it to work.

Check out those detailed engines!

Once downloaded, prepare yourself for some serious ooohhhh’ing and aaawwww’ing.  I am in the process of putting this update through its paces, so more will come later.

A note on FSX compatibility.  This model was built for FS2004 and no FSX model exists.  While you can load it into FSX yourself, your experience may vary and there will be limited support.

Cheers! Happy Airbus’ing!

Update 01dec12 – updated links to the new Project Airbus site at

Project Airbus Releases the Long One

I have heard the Airbus A321 referred to as the “flying pencil.”  A friend of mine even refers to it as the “flying penis.”  However, you refer to it, it is now available for Flight Simulator, both FS9 and FSX.

The Project Airbus A321 is the fourth variation of the A32X family of aircraft manufactured in Europe.  The A321 joins the A318, A319, and A320 for your flying enjoyment and has the same incredible visual model Project Airbus is known for delivering.

Project Airbus A321-231 leaving LAX in FS9

It is available on Avsim (links here) and via the Project Airbus downloads section of the website.  A word of caution however, packages are split into base packages and repaints.  You must download at least one livery with the base package.

Lufthansa Retro A321 over Germany

Now for the more complicated part, the livery instructions require precise file placement and the execution of a .bat file. I tried three liveries and couldn’t get any of them to work.  My advice, extract the texture files, add the configuration code to the aircraft.cfg, and copy the texture files included in the base package to the texture folder.  Anyway, good luck!

On approach to SEA-TAC in FSX

This is one sweet aircraft that works well in FSX and FS9.

01dec12 – updated links to the new Project Airbus website

The Project Airbus A380 Release 24hrs Later!

I am a Business Analyst.  Numbers fascinate me!  Patterns fascinate me!

When I was taking a look at the Avsim File Library this evening, I decided to take a look at “Yesterday’s Hot Files,” I was not surprised to see the Project Airbus A380 dominating the downloads.

Clear Winner!

What did surprise me was the popularity of the different paints.  For some reason I was expecting Emirates to be on top.  I was wrong, Air France was tops by over 300 downloads (total 1351). Number two was Singapore at 1,023.  Next was the House Colors at under 968. Both Emirates liveries ranked last…  boy was I wrong.

Where does your favorite A380 livery rank? (click for larger image)

Note that the third and sixth ranking download is not a Project Airbus A380, but the wonderful Enigma Simulations BAe ATP packs.  If you haven’t flown either of these aircraft, download them and fly them ASAP!

Project Airbus A380 Released!

Short and sweet, the Airbus A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out!   Check out this announcement for download!  Looks like it is also on avsim as well.

The Biggest Project Airbus To Date!

More later…  I am so going to take the day off from work for this one!  Woohoo!   Mark this day in history!