Goodbye Summer!


This summer has certainly been interesting. From my travels, the death of my mom, flight simulator releases, triathlon training and my award winning recipes, I feel like my summer has been full of extremes.

The highs include traveling to Colorado and visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and having lunch with the elk to winning “Best Meat Chili” at the company cook-off for the second year in a row.  The lows were extreme in their own right.  I laid my mom to rest after months of heart disease and visits to the doctor. I also decided not to participate in the local triathlon this year, feeling that I was not quite ready. 

I look back over the entire experience with a long list of emotions, but look toward the future with optimism and happiness.  Afterall, this November we get to get those icky, destructive, Republicans out of office.  I will continue to train for next year’s triathlon season, studying up on productivity and leadership, and keeping you all informed of my reality and the flight simulator world! 

As I look forward, I offer these images of summer as a point of reflection.


Boats on the beach near Santa Barbara's harbor.
Boats on the beach near Santa Barbara’s harbor.



The USCG cutter "Blackfin" in Santa Barbara Harbor.

The USCG cutter "Blackfin" in Santa Barbara Harbor.


To The Future! Cheers! 





Out With The Old, In With The New

Now that we are only a few hours away from 2008 being reality, I plan on spending time reflecting on 2007 and setting goals for 2008.  While 2007 was an interesting year full of lows (my mom’s trip to the hospital) and highs (paying off my car, my vacation),  I would expect 2008 to be even better as I continue to work toward happiness, develop this blog, and find my niche in life.   I would encourage everyone to spend a few minutes reflecting on the previous year, admiring your efforts and knowing where you are.  Whether it is a simple list of events or a complete scrapbook with photos, you will cherish it forever.