Grumman Tiger AA-5B for FSX-SP2!

Piglet made my day when I saw that he released his Grumman American AA-5B Tiger for FSX, with SP2 compatibility. This aircraft was always at the top of my list for best FS9 freeware aircraft. It is simply astonishing at the level of detail and how accurately it flies. It’s not fast, it’s not sexy, but it flies and flies well. Not to mention, there is a large cult of people that still worship those that are still in the skies today.

Leaving SBA,rwy 15L

For more information, please visit the FSX forum over at Sim-Outhouse where the original announcement was made. In addition the files you need are located in their library. Look for files: and In addition, user “Nils” has linked to a download of his tweaks to the panel that include stock gauges and support for RXP gauges. Check it out and don’t let registration stop you, Sim-Outhouse is a great community!

Author: Tim ‘Piglet’ Conrad
Filename: and (sim-outhouse)
File Size: 3.7mb, 468kb