The A380 for X-Plane

Flying Project Airbus’s A380 in Microsoft Flight Simulator is a lot fun.  However, I have an iMac and to get the full power of the processor, I have to boot into Windows.  Not very convenient for multi-tasking on long flights.  Which is another reason why I started taking another look at X-Plane.  X-Plane lets me run in my native Mac OS X environment without reboots and I can run it with some pretty high graphics settings (unlike MSFS in the virtual environment using Fusion).

Being that the recent release of the Project Airbus A380 is still at the top of my mind, I thought I would add an A380 to my X-Plane hangar (which is a little barren at the moment).  After searching the web, I found one. While originally developed for X-Plane 8.40, comments on the download seemed favorable and recent. <available here> So I downloaded it and have to say that it is quite nice.  A Project Airbus A380 it ain’t, but for X-Plane, it is good enough to enjoy, especially since it has a custom panel and cockpit views.

X-Plane’s A380 flying the Columbia River Gorge

Flying this baby up the Columbia River Gorge after leaving Portland (KPDX), was an experience like no other.  X-Planes rendering settings were cranked, I was flying low and relatively slow (for an A380) and that water looked oh so refreshing.  The vacation of a lifetime!



The Project Airbus A380 Release 24hrs Later!

I am a Business Analyst.  Numbers fascinate me!  Patterns fascinate me!

When I was taking a look at the Avsim File Library this evening, I decided to take a look at “Yesterday’s Hot Files,” I was not surprised to see the Project Airbus A380 dominating the downloads.

Clear Winner!

What did surprise me was the popularity of the different paints.  For some reason I was expecting Emirates to be on top.  I was wrong, Air France was tops by over 300 downloads (total 1351). Number two was Singapore at 1,023.  Next was the House Colors at under 968. Both Emirates liveries ranked last…  boy was I wrong.

Where does your favorite A380 livery rank? (click for larger image)

Note that the third and sixth ranking download is not a Project Airbus A380, but the wonderful Enigma Simulations BAe ATP packs.  If you haven’t flown either of these aircraft, download them and fly them ASAP!

Project Airbus A380 Released!

Short and sweet, the Airbus A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out!   Check out this announcement for download!  Looks like it is also on avsim as well.

The Biggest Project Airbus To Date!

More later…  I am so going to take the day off from work for this one!  Woohoo!   Mark this day in history!

Project Airbus A380 on Final?

If you are both an Airbus fan and a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you are probably already familiar with Project Airbus.  You are also probably already aware that they have been working on the best freeware A380 models for flight simulator for many, many years.

Well, I just popped over to the PA site and am wondering how near the A380 release is.  In their Preview & Announcements forum, there are some very jaw dropping screenshots of the A380 wearing Air France, Qantas, and Emirates clothing.  Head over and take a look.  But wait…

With previews appearing in their forum and a tweet on Twitter that says “cabin crew, seats for landing“, one can’t help but think that a release is near.  Of course, the actual release date is only for the wonderful developers of Project Airbus, but it is time for you and me to check their site daily… release must be near!


Update:  The release was very, very near.  The Airbus A380 is now released, you can grab it at Avsim.  You can also read the A Reality Of My Own announcement here.

Project Airbus A380 Project Resumed

A while back, when Project Airbus announced stopping development of their upcoming Airbus A380 release, I was a little disappointed. Sure, other modelers have produced fairly decent versions of the massive, double-deck passenger plane for flight simulator, but none had the extensive detail that has become synonymous with FSX.

Well, I am no longer disappointed as Project Airbus recently restarted work on the A380.  Yes!

Project Airbus home page features a stunning A380 screen capture.

You can read their announcement here.  While no release date has been set, good things come to those who wait.  Looking at the screenshots in their forum, the A380 will impress!

Good news! While designed for FS9, compatibility with FSX is expected to be good.  Their current A320 family ports to FSX with minimal issues and a patch.


– Update 5/23/2010 – With WIP screenshots of repaints (oohh… Lufthansa!) in the forum and a lot of buzz around this wonderful A380 model, watch closely for a potential release.  While no release date has been announced, you might to check out the group’s activity as release nears.   Also, follow @projectairbus on twitter if you are a Tweetie!

– Update 6/29/2010 – This amazing A380 has been released.  Check out the A Reality of My Own release post here for links.

Project Airbus’s New Project: A380

Staying true to their name, Project Airbus had only a few choices for their next project.  It is fitting that they tackle something large after producing the smallest Airbus.  Yep, that is right, they are going BIG with the A380.  You can check their announcement here which includes some pretty impressive screenshots.   I was hoping for a good A340-600, but I can settle for the ugly behemoth.


Project Airbus releases A319

Today was the day that Project Airbus adds the sister to their awesome A320 model with the release of their Airbus A319 model!  Read the announcement here. Available in two liveries, SAS and Cypress Airways, available from their site or from avsim.

I will post more after I have the chance to take some screenshots and put some virtual jetA fuel through its engines!  I will take a look at FSX compatibility, but their A320 did well, so should the A319.