Simple Papermodel Ship Project

It has been quite a while since I built a papermodel ship.  The last one I made, I believe, was the Sikinami patrol boat which came out a little funky since I printed in on US letter paper and it was intended for A4

This time, I chose to build another patrol boat, but from a different part of the world.  In this case, Australia, a country surrounded with water, so it’s Navy must be on it’s toes.

Two pages of parts, 11 pages of instructions... eek!

Two pages of parts, 11 pages of instructions... eek!

The subject of this building is the Armidale class patrol boat, of which the Australian Navy has 12.  They are manned by a crew of 21 and have a range of 3,000 nm.  Not very large, but perfect for paper modeling.

This model has just two pages of parts, none of which appear too small, which indicates that this is not a highly detailed model.  However, there are 11 pages of instructions with it, so maybe this will be more complicated than it needs to be?  Well, you will just have to check back on my progress!

You can download the Armidale over here (there is also a submarine model available on the same page).

17MAY2010 – model is no longer available at the site above, looking for alternative download.  Sorry y’all! 

25nov2011 – Thorsten pointed out the download is available again. You can grab it here (PDF).



Flight Simulator Moments

Have you ever been flying in a flight simulator and had a moment where the imagery just takes your breathe away?  It happens to at the most surprising times and completely unexpected.   Sometimes I will leave my local airport for no particular destination and fly a new direction, ignoring the published airways for entering and exiting the airspace (this is A Reality of My Own, afterall).  The goal is to not only break out of the mold, but to survey and experience a new part of the world.  It is normally during these flights that I have spectacular moments that make me wish I was really flying in the real world.

Take for instance the screenshot below.  Carenado‘s Bonanza over the Sierra-Nevadas approaching Mammoth Lakes (KMMH) in FS2004.  While I left Santa Barbara an hour or so before, I really didn’t expect to see the sun as low as it was and upon viewing the flight from spot plane view, I was over-joyed to see such a spectacular image.  The low sun back-lighting the ridges, accenting the shape of the Beechcraft,  and the romantic pinkish color of the sky all give this image an incredible story.  The far off clouds even lend to the mood.  These types of shots are always inspiring.

Bonanza - Sierra-Nevadas

FS2004 Bonanza - Sierra-Nevadas

Take another example, the screenshot below.  One this particular flight, I left Arlington, WA (KAWO) in the pre-dawn hours and took a flight out over Puget Sound.  Not quite wanting to end the flight so early, I decided to head toward Boeing Field (KBFI) via I-5.  This might be the perfect opportunity to chase some AI vehicles which is one of the coolest new features in FSx.   While I struggled a little to maintain altitude and speed, my attention was diverted to the view outside.  Again the early morning sun provided a spectacular moment that blew me away. The traffic, the buildings, the distant clouds, the dark panel and the grand vista forced me to pause and take in the moment. The angle of the view also amplified the moment.

View from the BO-105 seat above Snohomish County, WA

View from the BO-105 seat above Snohomish County, WA

As you can see, flight simulator can be used to produce pretty spectacular imagery, just like someone with a camera can.  The moments are timeless and the experience awesome.  Capturing a moment in the virtual world can be just as breathe-taking as a moment in the real world, perhaps more so.  For those of us a little more grounded, flight simulator will always provide moments to remember for years to come.

Does anyone have any flight simulator moments of their own to share?

If you are new here, please take a moment to vote in my poll What Type of Aircraft Do You Fly Most?

Meeting Art: Sketching at Work

As of late, work has been rather unexciting to me.  Pretty much all I do is sit at my computer and code reports using a combination of SQL, VBA, Mondrian, and Java.  It is very solitary and I just don’t find it exciting any more.  To make matters worse, I find myself in long meetings, listening to my co-workers duke it out for who is right, wrong or the strongest.  Ugh, after 45 minutes or so my butt starts to hurt, my mind wanders, and I start thinking about why I accepted the meeting invitation.

For a long time I would doodle during the meetings.  I would occupy myself  by drawing boxes, chasing lines with other lines, or even drawing the most lines across the top of a piece of paper.  But then I thought that I could really put some effort into these doodles and create something that I could be proud if I ever got caught.  So, I did.  They started with post-it notes. Post-it notes are the ultimate media for killing time in meetings.  I always have a stack of the small ones in my organizer as they are great for jotting down thoughts and decorating the side of my monitor.

So one day I saw the post-it note as a blank canvas, waiting for my talented fingers to guide a pencil along and make a masterpiece so incredible that Da Vinci would roll in his grave. Liking to sketch landscapes, I took inspiration from a photo I took at Crater Lake on the Cleetwood Cove Trail, I did a really quick artistic impression of what I could remember.  Wizard Island, the steep slope from the rim to the water level, the trees, the jagged rocks, and the strange wooden “wall” holding up the switchbacks.  It is an amazing doodle that highlights the features of the dramatic scene.

Crater Lake Sketch

A second Post-It note I found while cleaning out my organizer is a very simple landscape scene.  This must have been sketched while sitting on the john at work, since it is so simple.  If I had a full meeting for this one, it would have been more complete.  I started with the river and added the mountains.  Since I usually draw houses, I think this time I took a chance with a road paralleling the river.  Overall, I don’t think this is going to impress anyone, especially not Da Vinci.

My most recent meeting art is below, inspired from a photo I found on a homesteading site.  There was something timeless, but motivating about the structure of the picture.  I ended drawing it on the back of one of my organizer sheets that I use to plan my day.  Anyway, I think it came out quite nicely, although I might go back and add some color to it with color pencils.   I did find out that three people at my end of the table watched me sketch it out.  I was a little embarrassed that they caught me, but they thought it looked great and was certainly more interesting than whatever the boss was talking about!

Landscape 1001

Happy Sketching!


Color Pencil – Lighthouse

Since the creative bug bit me, I’ve been working on various artist endeavors.  More recently completed is a color pencil sketch of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse in Ilwaco, Washington.  I got the inspiration from a lighthouse coloring book I got for free from the art store.  Unfortunately, I did the sketch from memory, so the lighthouse itself is inaccurate.   I kinda like my version better, but this is arealityofmyown. I have a version that I am working on, but with watercolor.

 Cape Disappointment Lighthouse sketch

This is sketched on Strathmore Premium Recycled Sketh paper, 8×5 with #2 pencil and Prismacolor Premium colored pencils.

A Sketch – Camping

Hi All,

A while back, I was in need of releasing some creative energy while stuck at work. I took it upon myself to make a sketch of somewhere I would much rather be. I have been thinking a lot about camping and how cool it would be to camp near the top of a mountain with a massive vista overlooking a river valley below. What I sketched was a rendering of this place. Since my brain and hands had a little communication problem, it isn’t quite what I had envisioned. Well, enough jibber jabber.. here it is:

Sketching a campsite

pencil on 8×5 sketch paper

This is copyrighted, so please respect the artist.


November Aviation Photos

I took this sequence of photos about a year while walking on the pier at Goleta beach Park. In this case, an America West Express (AWE) CRJ-200 was leaving SBA on runway 7 and climbing out on the departure. Unfortunately, I only had a 200mm zoom lens and no tripod, so the quality isn’t what I usually get with my Canon Rebel XT. The fourth photo is my favorite with a little blue sky, the clouds, and the graceful roll of the CRJ.

AWE CRJ climbing

Still Climbing

Climbing Still

Turning Climb

Hope you have enjoyed them!