AVSIM File Library Back!

Following the devastating loss in May of AVSIM’s File Library, a serious gap opened up in the flight simulator world.  While other freeware download sites such as Flightsim.com and Simviation.com picked up a lot of the slack, there was still something missing.  I guess you can say that AVSIM delivers a truly unique add-on flight simulator experience.

Top AVSIM Downloads as of 21:51 PST, 5oct09

Top AVSIM Downloads as of 21:51 PST, 5oct09

Yesterday, the library opened up for uploads.  Today, there are hundreds of add-ons available for you to partake.  POSKY is uploading their 777-series, Tom Ruth has uploaded his Antonov models, and Al Wheeler even snuck in updated Central Coast scenery for MegaScenery.   So what are you waiting for, get over there and grab some add-ons!



Avsim Offline – Hacked

Unfortunately, hackers brought Avsim to its knees and the damage is too great to restore the site. This includes the file library, email, store, and site. Do not expect the site to be back up for a while. There is more information available from Project Opensky. http://www.projectopensky.com/

update – there is a temporary forum available for users to stay up to date on their recovery status: http://linux.myalbemarle.org/forums/index.php

California Central Coast Scenery for FSX!

Al Wheeler produced one of the best sceneries available for FS2002 and FS2004 when he released his California Central Coast Scenery back in July 2002. This scenery covered airports and key features between Santa Barbara, all the way up the coast to Hearst Castle, including Paso Robles. I instantly fell in love with this scenery, not only because I live on the central coast, but because the detail Mr. Wheeler models is extraordinary.

The detail just got a little better. Al released the Flight SImulator X (FSX) version of this scenery recently at AvSim. After downloading (link below) and installing it I immediately set out in my Saratoga to explore. I am just as impressed with the improvements as I was when I first installed the fs2002 version. New to the FSX version is more detailed landclass and features around the airports. For instance, Goleta Beach State Park is fully represented with a building and parking lot to mark the spot of the Beachside Bar-Cafe. The Santa Barbara harbor is also improved. To go with the impressive inventory of features is a highly detailed readme file that includes frequencies and coordinates of all of the good stuff! Combined with the enhanced rendering of the FSX engine and AI, this scenery really comes to life!

Welcome to Santa Barbara and Goleta

Flying over KSBA (you can see the oil rigs on the horizon and Goleta Beach near the pier)

The old 1920’s terminal which will soon be replaced by a modern facility with jetways

My favorite airplane, the Piper Saratoga II TC by FSD

Title: California Central Coast Scenery
Author(s): Al Wheeler
Filename: cccfsx.zip (avsim)
Revisions/Service Packs: cccfsxr1.zip (avsim); cccfsxr2.zip (avsim) cccfsxr3.zip (avsim) cccfsxr4.zip (avsim)
File Size: 5.3MB
Website: CCC FSX Site Information

edit 10may08 – added revsion 1 information and website link.
edit 01jun08 – added revision 2 information
edit 29jun08 – added revision 3 information
edit 20dec08 – added revision 4 information (adds museum at PRB)