An Early Present from Historic Jetliners Group: 727-100

For those of us lucky enough to not be working this week, Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) has given us an early present to indulge ourselves with and fill the time.  Released is one of my favorite aircraft of all time, the Boeing 727-100 in passenger, combi, and freighter variations in both early and late versions.  In addition to the base packs and countless liveries, there are optional sounds and panels.

727 Prototype leaving BFI

727 Prototype leaving BFI

More to come after I download and install a few of these babies.  For now, head over to HJG’s forum and check out the details. <link> – Some additional information. There is an aircraft.cfg for FSX, but it is unclear if the panel will work.  The sounds are pretty good and the panel is good, but more fs2002 quality.  Overall, I am looking forward to spending more time with this creation.

727 Prototype climbing out over Puget Sound

727 Prototype climbing out over Puget Sound

In addition, HJG added new and liveries for their other models, including the BAe 146 and Boeing 707.

edit 10/22 – added 2 screenshots

BAe146-300 and -300QT is out!

Historic Jetliners Group, today, posted two models of the BAe146 for download on their site; the -300 and the -300QT. Liveries include Northwest, flybe, Qantas, and British Airways to name a few. Each model has a blank white texture set that can be used as a paintkit.  In addition, a detailed panel and sound pack are available for download. For more information, visit their forum. So, what are you waiting for, go get ’em!

FSX models will be released separately.

Sweeeet! A BAe146 for FS9/X!

Coming soon to Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) is the BAe146 series, a joint project between HJG, Jon Murchison, and Matthias Lieberecht. More information is available >here<. While there is not release date, the FS9 versions will be released through HJG’s website and the FSX versions will be released through Jon’s website. Let’s all be very patient and maybe they will release it a little quicker!

11/18 UPDATE: On the HJG download page, they posted a notice that the -300 model will be out within the next week.

11/24 UPDATE:  The BAe146-300/QT has been released.  Available at the links above.