An Early Present from Historic Jetliners Group: 727-100

For those of us lucky enough to not be working this week, Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) has given us an early present to indulge ourselves with and fill the time.  Released is one of my favorite aircraft of all time, the Boeing 727-100 in passenger, combi, and freighter variations in both early and late versions.  In addition to the base packs and countless liveries, there are optional sounds and panels.

727 Prototype leaving BFI

727 Prototype leaving BFI

More to come after I download and install a few of these babies.  For now, head over to HJG’s forum and check out the details. <link> – Some additional information. There is an aircraft.cfg for FSX, but it is unclear if the panel will work.  The sounds are pretty good and the panel is good, but more fs2002 quality.  Overall, I am looking forward to spending more time with this creation.

727 Prototype climbing out over Puget Sound

727 Prototype climbing out over Puget Sound

In addition, HJG added new and liveries for their other models, including the BAe 146 and Boeing 707.

edit 10/22 – added 2 screenshots

Historic Jetliners Group’s Big Update

Yep, Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) has updated their website with a slew of new files. Most significant of all is a new Boeing 707-120 base pack that features a freighter (f) model with opening cargo door.   To go with the new model are Phoenix Airways and Arca Columbia liveries.  For later model 707 fans, an upgraded 320B/C pack provides a  new Stage 2 Husk Kit (S2HK) model with plenty of liveries to go on top. An outstanding repaint of a Denver Ports of Call CV990-A is also available.

BUT the biggest update, at least I think so, is not a historic jetliner at all.  Its the preview thumbnails that they added to their aircraft inventory pages.  Gone are the days of endless clicking and window closing while perusing aircraft liveries.  In fact, I already found some outstanding paints that I had skipped over all of these years. Check out those Ecuatoriana 720B’s (screenshot below).

Happy historic jetlining!

Historic Jetliners Group new toys…

Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) recently had a mini-update to their website where they posted a few Convair 880M, Boeing 707, and Boeing 720 repaints.  The most magnificent of them all is the 1971 Alaska Airlines livery on the Boeing 707-321 (screens below). Its just beautiful!  You can check out their site and other liveries at the link above.  FSX users would be happy to know they have an FSX forum for those using these historic aircraft in FSX.

 HJG Alaska 707-321 colage