New Sounds for Your POSKY 777

Project Opensky released a fabulous sound set for their 777 family aircraft fitted with the Rolls Royce Trent 800-series engines.  These account for 40% of all 777’s, according to POSKY. Head over to their announcement and download your 100% authentic sound set today!


Project Opensky’s 777-300 is out!

Falling on the heels of their 777-200 v2 release, the 777-300 version is out.  Stop by their website to grab your favorite model and livery… as long as that is TAM Brasil.  At the time of this writing, that is the only available download at POSKY’s site and Avsim.

Virtual Cockpit (VC) releases will follow as they are developed.  Nothing coming any time soon, however.  The readme discusses FSX, so it will work there as well as the -200 model does.  More to follow a more thorough run through.


edit 12/27/08 – The 300 virtual cockpit is now available from Posky’s site.  Make sure to grab the VC textures from the 200 Model Package area of their download section.

Two Big Releases for Flight Simulator

Hey Loyal Readers,

Two big FS updates from this weekend.  I am in the process of writing a more detailed post, but these new models are awesome and there is a lot to tell!

In the meantime, be aware that Project Opensky released their 777-200 version 2 and Allied FS Group released their very long awaited Caravelle.

1) Project Opensky
Release Announcement here
What: Boeing 777-200 version2

2) Allied FS Group
Forum is here with downloads on Flightsim and Avsim
What: Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle
Update: You can download the Caravelle via the Historic Jetliners Group (HJG)

Happy flying! Stay tuned for screenshots and a full review of each!

Update 23 September 2011: The links to Project OpenSky and AFG are no longer valid, so they have been removed.