Shedworking: A Great New Small Living Blog

For those of you who have been following the painfully slow development of my tool-shed living slash dog-trot paper model, you would know that I am fascinated by living efficiently in small spaces and have set a goal to own 200 acres, but live in a sub 1,000 square foot structure.   One day, I did a google search on small living, or something similar and stumbled upon Shedworking, A lifestyle guide for shedworkers.  While focused on those that work in sheds in the UK, the author offers a fascinating collection of “sheds” and the community that surrounds them.

I for one am inspired by the variety of designs and will use some of the ideas as inspiration as I develop my own “shed” design… something more along the lines a dog trot shed (or is its sheds, plural?).  I hope everyone else finds inspiration as well…

Happy Reading!


An Aviation First: Fuel Cell Airplane Has Flown

I just saw this over at the Green Car Congress, a blog I frequent to stay up on the latest alternative fuel news in the automotive industry. Today, I saw a historical post, one that our grandkids might look back on in their aviation history books. Boeing Research and Technology Europe (based in Madrid), in conjunction with a group of companies, universities, and institutions, has flown an airplane powered by hydrogen fuel cells. I knew that auto manufacturers were making steady progress on powering cars with fuel cells, but I was caught completely off guard by this one.

The Dimona motor glider built by Diamond Aircraft featured a 20kw hydrogen fuel cell stack. While the technology is still being developed, Boeing does not forsee passenger flights powered by fuel cells, but general aviation could benefit as light aircraft, manned and unmanned, could be powered with such a system.

You can read more details over at Boeing Flies Fuel Cell Airplane at the Green Car Congress, or head over to AutoblogGreen and check out Boeing Fuel Cells up in the Air, which has a diagram of the system.

EarthHour 2008 – A Success

Last night was EarthHour 2008.  For those that don’t know, EarthHour is a grass roots effort to promote action in climate change; at 8pm, March 29th, where ever you are, turn out all of the lights for one hour.  I went one step further by turning off all of my electronics, computers, cell phone and anything else that consumed power (yes, the frig too) and used my olive oil lamps as a light source.  It was fantastic and I learned how quiet the house really is when all that stuff is turned off.

My EarthHour might seem a little extreme, but I think it is more than just showing support for change in climate change policy.  In fact, it is an hour that is yours, only yours. I had a book that I have been wanting to read, but I just haven’t had the time, too many other things happening around me.  So, last night, amidst olive oil lamps, I started reading this book after a short meditation period.  I got halfway through it before the hour was up.  It was awesome.  Not only had my progress toward my own goals, but I also saved energy!

For more information on EarthHour and how you can take action against climate change, please visit their website.  Soon they will be announcing EarthHour 2009!