For the Rotorheads: NH-90 for Flight Simulator!

Adrian Brausch brings us his wonderfully modelled NH-90 military helicopter for FS9 via the RNZAF website.  With three visual models and a great soundset, this model is sure to please.  I took it out for a brief flight around SeaTac and then north toward the Oil Hotel (fictional scenery north of Golden Gardens on Puget Sound) and am impressed with the flight dynamics, but really missed a virtual cockpit.  I don’t have a lot of time flying helicopters (maybe 100 hours), but this one was finicky during transitions, particularly during hover.  This is such a great model that I am looking forward to getting to know this beast a lot better!

NH-90 by Adrian Brausch

NH-90 by Adrian Brausch

Note: According to the website, an FSX version is in the works that will feature a virtual cockpit.  The FS9 has some limitations in FSX.

Happy Rotoring!


A great shot!

I found this screenshot on my hard drive from a while back when I was really into helicopters.  The freedom of landing pretty much anywhere certainly offsets their unstable nature. However, I think learning to fly a helicopter will make me a better fixed wing pilot.

Leaving Holly

The screenshot is inside FS9, using Al Wheeler’s Central Coast Scenery and Jordan Moore’s  Bell 412 from Hovercontrol.  I really love the mood, with the late day sun and the contrast between the dark sea, light clouds, and devilish mountains.