Poll: Which Flight Simulator Do You Fly Most?

With an upcoming series of posts that touch on multiple flight simulator products, please share which flight simulator that you fly the most?

Poll closes Friday, November 2nd at Noon PST!


Poll: What Is Your Favorite Time to Fly?

Now that my recent poll regarding your favorite simulator is well underway, I thought I would ask another question.

What is your favorite time to fly?

Some of are night owls and love flying at night, after all the stars are amazing and the lights glow below us.   Yet, some morning people might be up before the sun, catching the sunrise from 6,000 feet.  Whatever you favorite time is, please let us know.

Also, please leave a comment describing why you voted the way you did.  What makes that time a favorite?

Which Flight Simulator Do You Favor Most?

Time for a quick poll.

I, personally, have been exploring X-Plane as an alternative to the traditional Microsoft simulators this blog covers.  I have found the X-Plane is quite a remarkable, efficient, and fun environment to fly in.  However, there is still a lot of life in FSX and FS9.  Which begs the question, which flight simulation software do you favor most?


Poll: Your Favorite Regional Jet?

What is your favorite Regional Jet?  These aircraft are the workhorses of the airlines’ spoke and wheel distribution system.  Often picking up passengers at smaller airports and shuttling them over short distance, within the region, to a major airport, their small size makes for intimate accomodations.

With many models available for flight simulator, I am curious about which regional jet is your favorite.  I will say that I find myself flying the Bombardier CRJ series quite often.  I think the CRJ-700, in particular, is quite sexy.

Please take a moment to respond to the poll below and let’s see if there is a consensus.  Poll closes March 15th, please only vote once.

3/16/10 – Poll is now Closed! Thank you to everyone who voted. This was the best poll yet for A Reality Of My Own. Discussion of results coming soon!

Poll: What Sort of Commercial Airliner Do You Fly?

Time for another poll.  In the last poll, you were asked to vote for the type of aircraft that you flew most often in flight simulator and the winner was commercial airliners.  I purposely kept the aircraft types general, not only to keep it simple, but because I wanted to drill down later.  Now it is time to drill down.  Without further ado please vote for the type of commercial airliner that you fly most often:


Which Aircraft Do You Fly Most Poll Results

The results are in for my recent poll asking which type of aircraft do you fly most in flight simulator?  Thank you to everyone who voted!

The top selection was commerical airliners, followed by a tie between military and general aviation for second.  Last was “other”.  I was surprised to see no votes for helicopters, vintage or cargo types.

This data is great to see and I will have another poll for everyone soon to help drill down into the commercial airliner, general aviation, and military segments.


The Aircraft Type Poll Continues

Just wanted to thank everyone that has voted in my previous poll, What type of aircraft do you fly most?

So far, it looks like Commercial Airliners are ahead, followed by General Aviation and Military. I will keep the poll open until the 25th to gather some more data. So, if you haven’t already, please vote for your aircraft type. The more I know about your interests, the more I can provide meaningful content.