SkySpirit2010 Releases Boeing 767

The restructuring of the old Project Opensky team into two separate teams is perhaps one of the best things to hit the flight simulator since FSX.  I say this with great respect for POSKY and its members, but seeing the group split into two, FSPro and SkySpirit2010, means more great stuff for us enthusiasts.

While FSPro has a Lockheed L1011 model in the works, SkySpirit2010 is continuing on where POSKY left off (its Hiroshi, afterall) by continuing work on the Boeing models.

Turning to course for LAX

In fact, SkySpirit2010 recently released their Boeing 767-300 model.  Available in numerous liveries on both and, with or without winglets, this 767 will leave you drooling.

So, watch’a waitin’ for?  Go get it!  Search “skyspirit2010” on either or or visit the SkySpirit2010 team on Facebook.

I’ll have a more detailed review once I have a chance to put this baby through her paces!



An Improved Industry Icon Enters Flight Simulator

The 747-8F Intercontinental Freighter is the next generation freighter that brings the classic industry icon into the new century and beyond.  The popular 747 family set a new standard when it entered service in early 1970.  Its unique partial double deck design and tall stabilizer remind many of a whale, the whale that represents international travel.

With the economy on a downward spiral, commercial travel as competitive ever, and an aging platform, Boeing responded to its customers’ needs for a more efficient, larger aircraft that can haul more passengers and/or freight on less fuel, all the while being a little quieter. Enter the 747-8 Intercontinental, an extensive refresh of 747-400 with next generation engines, new wings, and an extended fuselage.

The 747-8F leaves Everett

Project Opensky has been developing models for Microsoft Flight Simulator for many, many year now.  Their focus on the Boeing family brings the mainstream, workhorse airliners, such as the 737 and 777, to our desktops. Completing the 747 family is the 747-8F which joins the AL-1, Air Force One, and the other 747 variants in POSKY’s download library.

The 747-8F is a beautiful bird and meets the high quality expectations that POSKY is known for.  My only nitpick is that the model does not include a virtual cockpit, which makes flying in FSX a little limiting.   What really impresses me is the wing flex.  Taking off from Everett, I watched in awe as the wings created lift, rose before the fuselage and then gracefully lifted the large airplane into the air!

For more information on POSKY’s release of the Boeing 747-8F, read this announcement.  It is also available for download in their library.  Note, if you intend to use this model in FSX, please download the FSX model package in addition to the base pack.


Sweet: A 747-8F

Being mostly all things Boeing, Project Opensky (POSKY) has been busily working away on different variants of the classic 747.  With their recent release of the AL-1 platform and development of a 787 model, the next generation long-haul freighter, the 747-8F couldn’t be far behind.   Ya know somethin’?  It really isn’t!

Recently posted in the POSKY “Official Preview” forum are some fantastic screenshots of the new model.  Check them out. While you are there, make sure to leave a comment and congratulate the team on yet another superb model for Flight Simulator 2004. If compatibility is on par with their other models, we should be able to enjoy it in FSX as well!


A 747 To Play LaserTag

I don’t think I would actually want to play laser tag with such a big laser, but Project Opensky‘s recent release will let us play in the virtual skies. You can read the press release here and download the model here.

YAL-1A from Project Opensky

Yes, Airborne Laser 1, the test bed for America’s next generation missile defense system, is available for FS2004 (fs9).   YAL-1A is a modified Boeing 747-400F mounted with a megawatt-class “chemical oxygen iodine laser” (COIL) that can shoot down various unfriendly missiles.<wikipedia>

Firing the YAL-1A laser

Not only does this aircraft have the normal detail and animations expected from Project Opensky, but the added animation of the COIL and its ability to “fire” takes it to an even higher level.  Hitting Shift+E+7 on the keyboard brings up the gauge panel containing the controls.  It takes some getting used to, using two different +/- buttons to set orientation.  The provided situational graphics are a little difficult to interpret when first start moving it around.  But, take a few moments, get used to it and then fire away!

So, head on over to Project Opensky’s site and get this model…  the kid in you will thank you!


POSKY CRJ-900 V3 is OUT!

Project Opensky released the first of many liveries that adorn their new CRJ-900 version 3 model for flight simulator.   I will save you the hastle of having to read a lot before you get to the download link and I will just post the link to the download.  As for flight simulator version compatibility, it was designed for FS9, but would likely work in FSX as their CRJ-700 does.

Lufthansa 2303 at Heathrow


POSKY CRJ-900 v3 turning toward Prague over the UK

I took this beauty on a short flight from Heathrow to Prague to get a feel for its FDE and another look at the exterior model.  You know, POSKY surely knows how to model the CRJ.  Their CRJ-700 model set a new standard for animation and eye candy.  It is no surprise that this new CRJ-900 model shares the same new standard.  Very cool stuff.

The FDE is behaved with only a few surprises. The throttle response seems slow to pickup, but when it does, hang on.  I found myself constantly adjusting the throttle to maintain speed both while taxiing and during flight.  I believe this is a characteristic of the real world CRJ.  Nothing to complain about, but it will take you surprise the first time you experience it.


2/2/10 – note: A bunch more liveries are now available in the download site.  Liveries now include: Adria, SAS, Delta Connection Multi-Pack, and SkyWest 35th Anniversary edition livery.  Go get em!

AVSIM File Library Back!

Following the devastating loss in May of AVSIM’s File Library, a serious gap opened up in the flight simulator world.  While other freeware download sites such as and picked up a lot of the slack, there was still something missing.  I guess you can say that AVSIM delivers a truly unique add-on flight simulator experience.

Top AVSIM Downloads as of 21:51 PST, 5oct09

Top AVSIM Downloads as of 21:51 PST, 5oct09

Yesterday, the library opened up for uploads.  Today, there are hundreds of add-ons available for you to partake.  POSKY is uploading their 777-series, Tom Ruth has uploaded his Antonov models, and Al Wheeler even snuck in updated Central Coast scenery for MegaScenery.   So what are you waiting for, get over there and grab some add-ons!


New Sounds for Your POSKY 777

Project Opensky released a fabulous sound set for their 777 family aircraft fitted with the Rolls Royce Trent 800-series engines.  These account for 40% of all 777’s, according to POSKY. Head over to their announcement and download your 100% authentic sound set today!