Color Pencil – Lighthouse

Since the creative bug bit me, I’ve been working on various artist endeavors.  More recently completed is a color pencil sketch of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse in Ilwaco, Washington.  I got the inspiration from a lighthouse coloring book I got for free from the art store.  Unfortunately, I did the sketch from memory, so the lighthouse itself is inaccurate.   I kinda like my version better, but this is arealityofmyown. I have a version that I am working on, but with watercolor.

 Cape Disappointment Lighthouse sketch

This is sketched on Strathmore Premium Recycled Sketh paper, 8×5 with #2 pencil and Prismacolor Premium colored pencils.


A Sketch – Camping

Hi All,

A while back, I was in need of releasing some creative energy while stuck at work. I took it upon myself to make a sketch of somewhere I would much rather be. I have been thinking a lot about camping and how cool it would be to camp near the top of a mountain with a massive vista overlooking a river valley below. What I sketched was a rendering of this place. Since my brain and hands had a little communication problem, it isn’t quite what I had envisioned. Well, enough jibber jabber.. here it is:

Sketching a campsite

pencil on 8×5 sketch paper

This is copyrighted, so please respect the artist.