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Everything X-Plane! This page is a spin-off of my MSFS Directory page.  The more I find myself emerged in both the X-Plane and MSFS worlds, I can’t help but appreciate the work of the modelers that make simulation software so awesome and with customization.

This page is a work in progress, so pardon the on going dust.  If you have any suggestions for content, please leave a comment or send me a Tweet (@MyFlightSim).

Disclaimer – this page was created when X-Plane 9.7 was the latest and greatest.  Today, July 2017, X-Plane 11 has evolved what we loved about version 9 into something a bit more like FSX.  Therefore, many of the links below were intended for X-Plane 9.  I will update this page with more current offerings as time allows.  Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message on Twitter (@myflightsim) with anything I am missing.

This page was last updated July 26, 2017

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X-Plane 11 has arrived!

March 30, 2017  brings the availability of the latest generation of consumer flight simulation, X-Plane 11.  Filling the gap where FSX/Flight left off when Microsoft exited the market, X-Plane 11 brings an ease of use, better default scenery, and comes pre-configured for most joysticks. For more information, visit http://www.x-plane.com

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Ted’s X-Plane Scenery (website) ~ link updated 7/26/2017
Scenery covering most major airports around the globe.  Even though some of the scenery is a little light, Ted provides us with something that fills in the empty ramps found in the stock X-Plane.

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X-Plane Freeware Add-ons (aircraft & repaints)

X-Plane.org  (Known as the .Org)  http://www.x-plane.org
Similar to avsim and flightsim, but for X-Plane downloads.  The .Org offers a fully search-able file database and some great forums.  Each add-on has its own rating system and comment area.

Airbus A340-600 by The X-Plane PaintShop
Makers of the Airbus A340-600 as well a pretty sweet Airbus A330 Freighter!

Beechcraft Starship by uboatsegein
A very unique aircraft that is quite possibly one of the most elegant turboprops ever made.  It is beautifully recreated for us all to enjoy.

Boeing B-17G by XPFR
You want a real experience?  Try the B-17G, and starting it from a cold, dark cockpit while watching the deer run across the runway.  This one is not for the load and go pilots.  This is one of the best add-ons for X-Plane.
Read the Manual First: http://www.khamsin.org/b17/manual/
Download (donation required): https://gumroad.com/l/JATkA#

Cessna SkyLane Turbo 182RG by Shade Tree Micro Aviation
A former payware model that is being distributed by .Org to community members.  While the refinement is clearly not of X-Plane 10 quality, the overall package still rocks and will provide hours of flying companionship.  Plus, the lower refinement is easier on the frame rates.
Download: X-Plane.org Cessna SkyLane Turbo
A Reality Of My Own Review:  A Cessna 182RG Turbo for X-Plane

DeHavilland DHC8-400 by Riviere
The Dash8 series aircraft is known for its fuel efficiency and is popular with regional airlines like Horizon/Alaska.   I think of it as an engineering marvel.

x737 Project by European Aircraft Developer Team (EADT)
Beautifully recreated here for X-Plane, the x737 masterfully represents the 737-800 and BBJ2 family of aircraft.  Available for download are plenty of liveries from around the world.

Falcon F7x by after
Its a French business jet… need I say more?

Fokker F27-600 by atgcab
The “Friendship” was a replacement for the rugged DC-3 airliner.  Many are still in use today.  An awesome model recreated for X-Plane for the turboprop lover like myself!

QPAC Aircraft – Airbus A320 (details)
Probably the best model of the Airbus A320 for X-Plane.  Features a fabulous visual model, realistic and detailed panel, and precise flight by wire dynamics.

Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG) – Boeing 747-8i (details – V2 details)
With their recent version 2 release,  the SSG 747 Intercontinental just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.  An American icon for decades, the 747 continues to be a dominant player in the long-haul, high capacity jetliner market.  Brilliantly modeled for both X-Plane 9.7 and X-Plane 10, the SSG team is going to be a team to watch.

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x-Plane Payware

Air.C74.Net (website)
Features many detailed general aviation aircraft

Boeing Country Scenery by Tom Curtis (details)
Detailed airport scenery of KSEA, KRTN, KBFI, etc. Tom Curtis is taking the X-Plane experience to a whole new level with some really detailed scenery of the Pacific Northwest.  From Everett, down to Seattle, Tom gives us the perfect reason to explore this exciting part of the world.

Airbus A380, Douglas Dc-8, Twin Commander and more by Peters Aircraft (details)
Some popular airline models designed for X-Plane 8.6, but updated regularly. The big draw here are the panels.

Piper, Mooney, Cessna and Beechcraft Models by Carenado (website)
Carenado is a popular maker of models for MSFS whom recently entered the X-Plane market with their Mooney M20J, Piper Saratoga, and Censsa 172N. With a Beechcraft F33 in the works, their models are a must have for any serious X-Plane user (And no, they didn’t pay me to say that, I have no relationship with Carenado at all!)

Shade Tree Micro Aviation (website)
Features many bush planes, military and helicopters for X-Plane 8, 9, & 10
Also includes detailed scenery for British Columbia.

X-Rotors (website)
For the serious X-Plane rotorheads out there, X-Rotors is home to a magnificent model of the August Westland AW139, a modern, medium duty helio with some seriously sexy lines.   Available for both X-Plane 9.7+ and 10.11 and 10.21+, this one is a must have.

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This page is a work in progress, so be pardon the on going dust.  If you have any suggestions for content, please leave a comment or send me a Tweet (@MyFlightSim).


4 thoughts on “X-Plane Directory

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  3. Why X plane 10 sucks and is a major disappointment…..
    My system specs….990FX motherboard 8Core AMD 3.1 GHz CPU 16Gb DDR3 ram and two 6950 gpu’s in crossfire. 3 x 24IN HDMI displays.
    Xplane 9 FPS – 40-60 at 6036×1080 with almost everything cranked in rendering options
    Xplane 10.03 FPS – 18-19 at 6036×1080 with NOTHING turned on in rendering options, after a few things turned on drops to 8 fps.
    C’mon Austin this isn’t right !!!!!!!!
    This makes this completely unusable…..makes the old microsoft sims requirements look like a cakewalk….
    I’ve been simming since the first microsoft Flight Simulator came out for the Commodore 64!!!

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